The Digital Twin for Predictive Material Handling

Material, Part and Robotic Optimization Enabling Industry 4.0
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The Leading Predictive Digital Twin Solution for Robotic Logistics Automation

We enable easy planning, deployment and continuous optimization of mobile robots, automated guided vehicles and material handling systems.

Our AI-based digital twin solutions for Smart Factories and Warehouses optimize material handling systems.

Material Handling System Suppliers

You supply Autonomous Mobile Robots,  Automated Guided Vehicles, Conveyor Systems and Automated Storage / Retrieval Systems to your customers and need  software to plan, configure and integrate seamlessly your systems for your clients.  Our digital twin based solutions are extremely user-friendly, and allow your sales team to virtually demonstrate and smoothly deploy.


Factories & Warehouses

You want to optimize the configuration, layout and ROI of your Automatic Guided Vehicles, Autonomous Mobile Robots, AS/AR systems and Conveyor based material handling systems. Or maybe you’re just starting the journey of exploring automation for your company.  In every case, you want to quickly plan, deploy and optimize your production logistics.   Cognition Factory is here to help.


Join the Industry 4.0 Revolution of Digital Champions

Digital twin, Automonous Mobile Robot

> 70%* of Digital Champions implement smart robots


Only 10%* of global manufacturing companies are Digital Champions today


We help the other 90% see the smart robot ROI


Our logistic digital twin make your robots very, very smart.

“Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies
on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000.”

Our Technology

AI-based, Digital Twin robot automation technology

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