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Smart Factory, Smart Warehouse & Lean Manufacturing clients need to justify Material Handling Automation investments, spanning a broad range of equipment and infrastructure.   Interaction between Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), Conveyor Systems and Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), and Semi-Automated Lift Truck Fleets must be carefully analyzed to optimize the potential ROI for incremental investments.  Calculations based on labor expense savings is a start, but the most compelling value proposition is the impact to key KPIs, such as throughput, dock to cycle time and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).  But these calculations historically have required detailed modeling and simulation of automation systems, customized based on the unique infrastructure of every factory and warehouse,  taking  weeks or even months in legacy simulation tools.   Beyond budget justifications, layout planning, zone optimization, and sku slotting strategies  require client specific planning to optimize the type, size, load capacity, speed, charge capacity, pathway clearances and safety parameters.



CognitiveFlow is designed for Material Handling Automation sales teams.

Quickly & interactively demonstrate ROI and value, based on client KPIs.

Dynamically explore and uncover your client's logistic, material flow throughput opportunities.


Demonstrate compelling value by analyzing KPI improvements when your unique features are applied, such as Battery life, Recharge time, Load Capacity, Turning Radius, Narrow Footprint, Real-Time Path Planning, Velocity and many more.


Develop and analyze multiple scenarios incorporating automation technologies such as AGVs, AMRs, Automated Lift Trucks, Conveyors, palletizers, AS/RS and autonomous lifts


Determine the optimal mix of automation technologies and number of each required for optimal throughput and production time.


Easy to use! Import layouts from fleet managers, CAD tools, or simulators; New users are productive within minutes


Eliminate Deployment Risks and Delays for your Clients who are investing in Industry 4.0

Moving from Sales to Deployment can be challenging and time consuming. CognitiveFlow creates a smooth transition from pre-sales to deployment.

Directly reuses the model and information captured during presales to move from “virtual” to deployment and continuous analysis for continued optimization


Seamlessly integrates with your fleet manager and client MES/WMS


Customer’s experience live, real time operation that perfectly match their presales expectations.


Provides the fastest and most successful path to quickly deploy AGVs

mobile robot, autonomous mobile robot
Advancements in autonomous navigation place new challenges on traditional AGV fleet management platforms. Developed by leading AI and Robotics scientists, CognitiveFlow’s AI prediction engine:

Compliments and enhances your existing fleet manager


Automatically adapts to unpredictable and dynamic material flow that is introduced with autonomous robots


Legacy systems require human intervention


CognitiveFlow predicts the optimal solution real time


Continuously optimizes the global fleet

smart factories, lean manufacturing

Demonstrate Your Material Handling Automation Value.   Demonstrate Lean Manufacturing!

With CognitiveFlow you can demonstrate workflows for your clients, display vehicle fleet outputs, calculate efficiency and sell more units.
Simply setup your workflow and interactively adjust the parameters of your systems, while running the material flow demonstration.

How many Vehicles do I need to maximize my warehouse? bottling? business?

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Mobile Robots Activated

  • precentage of active AGVs 100% 100%

Units per hour

  • precentage of active AGVs 100% 100%


Mobile Robot Utilization

  • precentage of active AGVs 60% 60%


What is the optimal robot speed to maximize my warehouse? bottling? business?

Autonomous Forklift Robot in a lean factory


  • precentage of active AGVs 100% 100%

Units per hour

  • precentage of active AGVs 100% 100%


Mobile Robot Utilization

  • precentage of active AGVs 60% 60%


How much charge capacity do I need to maximize my warehouse? bottling? business?

Autonomous Mobile Robot Charging Station

Amp Hours

  • precentage of active AGVs 100% 100%

Units per hour

  • precentage of active AGVs 100% 100%


Utilization of AGVs

  • precentage of active AGVs 60% 60%

Provide The Best Solution for You and Your Client!

Not only are you selling more autonomous robots to your client, your client is becoming an Industry 4.0 Digital Champion, by drastically increasing their material flow throughput, decreasing production time and increasing their profits.  When Mobile Robot and Guided Vehicle fleet utilization is optimized,  clients also enjoy lower maintenance costs and downtime.

CognitiveFlow is the only robotic software solution  that can help you easily determine the optimal fleet configuration for your clients and be the perfect sales tool to increase your sales!

CognitiveFlow also reduces deployment risks and integration delays.   Mission plans are optimized in a virtual environment, capturing the your client’s key material flow constraints and tuning AMR configurations.  Optimization preemptively resolves challenges that often go unnoticed,  prior to deployment.   Smooth deployment helps to make future adoption and expansion easier.

autonomous mobile robot in a smart factory

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