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Challenges are customers are facing…

1. Material & Workflow Optimization

Accurate real-time part and material identification

Part and material assembly & material flow optimization within work module

Real time defect and quality analysis

Material and operator path analysis and optimization

Material and parts relationship relative to time and manufacturing process

Real time monitoring of legacy systems from SCADA HDMI to dial gauges to light indicators

autonomous mobile robot
autonomous mobile robot

2. Autonomous Automation

Global design and management of robotic material handling systems that combine AGVs, AMRs, AS/ARs, Conveyor, Palletizing, and/or Picking Systems

Determining the optimal configuration of AGVs & AMRs, including capacity, speed, charge capacity, and size

Optimizing factory & warehouse layout in tandem with determining the ideal mobile robot fleet configuration

Smooth deployment of new mobile robots without risking production schedules

Management execution system limitations, based static rules and silo’d data architectures, resulting in recurring, unplanned human intervention

Existing automation software does not allow for real time instant changes to parameters to optimize workflows

MateriaLenz is specifically designed for material flow optimization

A highly flexible optimized set of  neural nets utilizing latest hardware and a unique software SW framework to provide supportable leading edge capability

Flexibility allows wide range of incremental additions, simple part identification to time logging or process

Sensor Fusion - AI vision is revolutionizing IoT, but all the other senses are still very valuable

Bridge to Enterprise and MES system is as good as the data in it - Materilanez is the precise data source

Designed to implement incremental solutions from a single part identification, to workstation task optimization to end to end material flow

Modular architecture anticipating rapid advancements in hardware and software

CognitiveFlow Solves Your Autonomous Automation Challenges

Our software provides the key components to help your automation and is so user-friendly it can be used by anyone.

CognitiveFlow software is:

Easy to use without technical expertise


Continuously optimizes missions across your global fleet using real-time data analysis & FlowPrediction


Automatically adapts to unpredictable and dynamic material flow events that occur with autonomous robots


Compliments and enhances your existing fleet manager & MES


Autonomous Mobile Robot Analysis Services

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Factory data management
pharmaceutical automation

Cognition Factory and our partners are here to help you assess and evaluate the expansion of leading edge robotic material handling systems, including autonomous mobile robots and automated guided vehicles within your Industry 4.0 Smart Factory or Warehouse

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